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April 28th, 2009 | brainjuice

Random Head Processing Of The Day

April 28th, 2009 | brainjuice, people I know

Matt Jones: Went to bed last night half remembering Warren saying in the pub that GLOBAL FREQUENCY was his take on (Gerry Anderson’s) Thunderbirds. Did I imagine that Chief?

Me: Nope. In many ways, it was. I defined GLOBAL FREQUENCY from the start as Rescue Fiction. if not explicitly Post-9/11 Rescue Fiction. Because Thunderbirds is the anti-Superman. Now, I just woke up, so it’s okay if that doesn’t make sense. But immediately after 9/11 I found people on message boards ACTUALLY SAYING OUT LOUD that they wished Superman were real because he would have saved the WTC. And that is an anti-evolutionary wish. What you say is, I wish the dozen or so people who knew this was going to happen could have informed someone who’d actually listen and that we had had the sense/madness to engineer a mechanical response to someone attacking NYC with flying death tubes

Thunderbirds: Darwin’s Airforce

Matt Jones: 2000 giant lighter-than-air pollution-eating biomimetic heavy-lifting portuguese men o’war that swarm slowly in groups proportionate to threat-level over soon-to-be disaster areas predicted by the planetary-skin, acting as an early warning visualisation in the sky (shite, it’s the thunderbird jellyfish! we’re frakked/going to be ok!!!) manufacturing synthbio antigens that rain like snowflakes.


Me: …I’m going down the pub now. I think my brain has internal bleeding.

Field Notes

April 28th, 2009 | brainjuice

I now own a couple of packs of Field Notes notebooks. (Purchased via The Paperie in the UK, as PayPal still fail to validate my account.) I was attracted/amused by their appearance on the website — the slightly flecked, unprocessed-looking brown card covers are millennial culture-code for "authenticity" (ref. Godspeed You! Black Emperor CD sleeves, Muji).

These notebooks are actually quite beautiful. Am particularly amused by the five-inch ruler printed on the trim-edge of the inside back cover, which also contains a funny list of "Practical Applications."

The slightly olive cast of the card cover, the sturdy feel of the thing, and the usefulness of things like the printed ruler (seriously, that’s something I’m going to use, I’m forever squinting at publication formats and guessing) and the recording template in the inside front cover… it does conjure, for me, memories of discovering artifacts from times of working austerity. My grandad still had his old ration book on the sideboard in 1975, as if convinced that it’d be handy again one day soon. Aside from it being just a really nice object to handle and use, a Field Notes notebook feels like an apt thing to have in my hand this year. Futura type and postwar olive.

Good job, Field Notes people.

Also funny: a Field Notes tag on Flickr.

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April 27th, 2009 | brainjuice