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March 28th, 2009 | brainjuice

  • Experimental Ebola Vaccine
    "It was a nightmare scenario: A scientist accidentally pricked her finger with a needle used to inject the deadly Ebola virus into lab mice. Within hours, members of a tightly bound, yet far-flung community of virologists, biologists and others were tensely gathered in a trans-Atlantic telephone conference trying to map out a way to save her life."
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  • Printcasting | People-Powered Magazines

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March 27th, 2009 | Work

Is Friday, is gone noon, is FREAKANGELS.

Links for 2009-03-27

March 27th, 2009 | brainjuice

  • Newgate novel – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "The Newgate novels (or Old Bailey novels) were novels published in England from the late 1820s until the 1840s that were thought to glamorise the lives of the criminals they portrayed. Most drew their inspiration from the Newgate Calendar, a biography of famous criminals published at various times during the late 18th and early 19th centuries"
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Theme For Today

March 27th, 2009 | music