December 31st, 2008 | music

In at the end of the old year, Kemper Norton releases a new, free EP, entitled WINTERVALS.  Get it via this link here.

Cover Preview, DOKTOR SLEEPLESS #15

December 28th, 2008 | Work

We do the covers waaaaay in advance. #10 just came out, and I just wrote #12.



December 28th, 2008 | people I know

The second print issue of the altculture blog is released today.

You want one. Issue 1 was really, really good. You want one a lot.

Links for 2008-12-27

December 28th, 2008 | brainjuice

Merry Christmas Yer Arse

December 25th, 2008 | brainjuice

Have a good one, folks. See you on the other side.

Unless I’ve managed to finally drink myself blind by that point. Because then, obviously, I’ll be too busy learning human echolocation to be here.