Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-29

  • Good morning, scum. And a very happy birthday to both @wilw and @zoetica. #
  • Proper English summer’s day: dark, rainy, chilly. Thank God. I am, after all, an Englishman, and unaccustomed to natural light. #
  • and also happy birthday to @digitalyn (damned kids on my internet lawn) #
  • Lauren Laverne and Tim from Ash agree that Kieron Gillen’s a psychopath, on national radio, hahaha – @phonogramcomic #
  • @mollycrabapple has arrived on Twitter to spoil our fun. Everybody be very quiet. #
  • @mollycrabapple make me, little girl #

Move Along

I have massive amounts of Thinking to do, today. I actually have less inspiration in my whole body today than could be found in the arse end of a dead badger… but the clock, it ticks, and friends and acquaintances are waiting to be provided with project ideas.

So, while I can be contacted in the usual ways, I am otherwise Not Around today, and am unlikely to be doing any writing here.

Unless I start procrastinating wildly, of course.