Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-31

  • …and I find myself standing in the middle of the garden, muttering (to the tune of “Suffragette City”) the words “Frankenstein City.” #
  • I really, really, have to stop standing naked in the back garden at night. One day the neighbours’ motion-sensor light will snap on… #
  • so. tired. must. crawl. to. pub. #
  • …6041 people following me on Twitter now? Really? What are you, Brain Custard Zombies or something? #
  • Have to do a phone interview. Don’t wanna. Who wants to stand in as “Mr Ellis’ Temple Priestess” or “Home Security Agent” and do it for me? #
  • I’m at the point now where I just think, y’know… fuck the bees. #


Absent WithOut Bloggery. Needed to spend a couple of days with this switched off. I can write and blog, but I can’t always create and blog, if you like. And I needed to generate some new project ideas. A tv company asked me to come up with some “springboards” (usually a short, unstructured paragraph roughly describing the kernel of an idea), and a director and I are trying to generate an animated serial project, which is involving the generation of several even rougher springboards to see what sticks. Which is why I was found muttering on Twitter last night about “Frankenstein City.”

Today, I have to get back to scriptwriting. Which is a different set of muscles. And I find that writing on the web keeps my fingers hot when I run dry on a script. I just toggle up the web, keep writing, and pretty soon the next piece of script will come to me and I’ll toggle OpenOffice back up and return to what I was doing.

That’s the trick, kids. Just keep dancing, and the rest will come naturally…