Any Club That Would Have Me As A Member

April 29th, 2008 | comics talk

Apparently the new president of the Science Fiction Writers of America suggested that membership of the organisation should be opened to the writers of comics & graphic novels. The reported reaction is… unsurprising:

The objections ran the whole gamut (paraphrased here because I’m a notoriously awful note-taker. But the gist of the matter remains): “There’s too many of them–this will be like a mouse swallowing an elephant”; “Their contracts and issues are different than ours”; “If you take away the pictures, the words don’t tell the whole story”; “We have nothing to offer them”; “We need to grow and add more members first, then we can think about opening the organization to comics”; “Manga recycles the same plot over and over again–that’s not writing, and shouldn’t qualify…”

My Sidewise Award for best alternate-history sf is actually really pretty.


April 29th, 2008 | researchmaterial


…To think beyond the formal overlap between the disciplines to how they impact the body, a dress and a building are both constructed to facilitate certain forms of movement while restricting others – they shape how we think and move. Our sense of ourselves as bodies in space is mediated by fashion and architecture throughout the course of our lives – and the way we interface with the world and with each other directly reflects the advances in both disciplines…

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CROOKED LITTLE VEIN In The Chicago Tribune

April 29th, 2008 | Work

"In the book "Crooked Little Vein," graphic-novelist-turned-traditional-author Warren Ellis takes readers on a twisted trip across America in search of our nation’s "secret constitution," a fictional book that grants the one who reads it aloud power over the masses. At one point in the book, the protagonist stumbles across a movie theater for macroherpetophiles — people who love giant lizards (in the biblical sense, if you catch my drift). It’s a mind-bending read and I’ll never be able to look at that inflatable Godzilla on the used car lot the same way again."

Contacting Me (April 2008)

April 29th, 2008 | about warren ellis/contact

I’ve been getting a lot of requests lately, mostly through social networks, from people asking how they can send me stuff — either physical objects, or wanting to point me to their mp3s or comics or photographs or special projects etc.

If you (for god knows what reason) wanted to send me something physical, the best solution right now would probably be to send to my literary agency in New York City.

Warren Ellis
c/o Lydia Wills
360 Park Avenue South
16th floor
New York
New York 10010

I don’t have a solution for people living closer to me as yet. See, if you send it to Lydia, she’ll get Jason Yarn to check it for bombs or poison first. So get in touch and we’ll work something out.

For people wanting to send me to their sites, wanting to email stuff or send me tips or whatever, I’ve set up a Gmail account that I’ll check once or twice a day: degaussing [-at-] googlemail com. This isn’t, I stress, my main email account, and it’s not for asking me when some comic’s coming out. Always interested in new music, new art, new madness etc.

Otherwise, my social networks are studded along the right hand edge of this site: Twitter, Myspace, Facebook,, LinkedIn.