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Month: February 2008

The Further Adventures Of Offline

Well, I didn´t get hit by the earthquake. The computer shop has decided to try one more last-ditch recovery effort. Note: if your OS fails to launch, and tech support has you try to boot from the resources CD — don´t. That´s what´s foiled a complete data recovery.
I almost told them to just wipe the machine and bring it back, but the bit´s between their teeth now and they´re refusing to give up, bless ´em. The downside is that I won’t get the machine back until Friday at best.
So I´m writing here via email for the foreseeable. Which I find I am actually quite liking. Twitter is currently working via the handheld, although, with Brian Reed apparently hellbent on giving us a minute-to-minute report on the weather in whatever shithole he lives in, I expect to hit the 250 texts/week limit any moment now.

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