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Month: December 2007

Workblogging: Or, Unconsciousness Is Underrated

I got hit by that “24-hour” puke-then-fall-over virus early Boxing Day morning, and have spent from then until now mostly unconscious. As I sit here, everything’s starting to go wobbly again, and so, before I submit to Brain-Go-Away once more, some work links:

Interview with me about the GRAVEL series by Newsarama:

It was actually Garth Ennis’ idea. William Christensen at Avatar went to New York to get smashed with him over the summer, and at some point during the binge Garth said to William, “Why doesn’t Warren write an ongoing series with William Gravel? I’d read that.” And, you know, it’s nice to give your mates something to read…

ANNA MERCURY: new miniseries announced, details and more art etc buried somewhere in this column:

And now I’m going back to bed.

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