AXM:2S Weekly Note

First lot of ASTONISHING X-MEN: SECOND STAGE redesign notes are in. The cast for the first book, at least, is set. (I envision my run as four “books” of six issues each.) Also, I think I’ve settled on my Big Bad (for want of a better phrase, and since I’m taking over a Joss Whedon project here) for the first book, and also for the entire four-book arc. Because it builds and then it builds, see? I are much clever wrietr heee.

Shannon Lark

Shannon Lark is one of the Living Dead Girls who protected me from my Enemies at the San Diego comics convention this summer. Please view her Miss Horrorfest short film, click through and rate accordingly, or else, frankly, I don’t know where in my body she’s likely to sheathe that chainsaw: