Andrew Vachss

June 1st, 2007 | brainjuice

The other day, while typing through a haze of painkillers, I wrote: “Warriors For Innocence come off a little weird, to say the least. Mind you, so does Andrew Vachss.”

A few people asked me about this comment in email, and I was happy to clear it up for them, but a mutual associate has asked that I clarify in public.

When Andrew Vachss does tv pieces on Oprah and the like, with that laser focus of his that cuts right through the crap and the cotton wool, with a presence that is calculatedly intimidating: yeah, in that context, he comes off a little weird and spooky. People of passion and determination always do. I imagine Mr Vachss himself would be the last to describe his presence on these things as soothing or cuddly. I have a stack of his books — I bought at least one of them, BLUE BELLE, instead of food in the 80s — and nothing but admiration for the man. That’s what I said to our mutual friend on the phone, and that’s what I’m saying here.

Also, I don’t want him to set his dogs on me. I hate dogs. And I won’t get far on one working leg.

STEAMPUNK Magazine #2

June 1st, 2007 | people I know, researchmaterial

Is now available for free download from the Steampunk site, where you could also, if the fancy took you, order a print copy on recycled paper.

I love the issue’s tagline: “A Journal of Misapplied Technology.”

ENGINE: Pro Comics Creators Call

June 1st, 2007 | comics talk

(crossposted from Bad Signal, my daily email diary thing)

In reconfiguring The Engine message board, I’ve taken off the no-superhero rule. That’s less interesting to me than it was two years ago, and, as I move into other concerns, it only makes sense to let everyone have use of the place. It’s not backtracking, so much as not giving a fuck anymore…!

Moreover, I want my friends to be able to talk about all their work.

So if you’re a professional comics creator — and if you have to ask if you’re pro or not, you’re not — register on the Engine using your real name, and drop me a note at warrene @ with your Engine username so I can fix your access to the Creator’s Conference section, where only pros can post.

This goes for everyone in pro comics — we already have a large population of manga people, and, it turns out, a nascent TV star (heh).

Seriously, the Conference section is my favourite part of the Engine, and I’d love to see more pros there.

And for everyone else: only the pros can post there, but everyone can read it. The volume of new art and sketches by comics artists alone makes it worth the trip, like the monthly Covers thread.

Anyway. So long as you do comics, you’re welcome there.

(Cue Andrew The Host crying quietly over the traffic rush.)

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