Ah, Yes. That’s What I Was Looking For.

I got the cover design for CROOKED LITTLE VEIN last night.

I like this an awful lot. All of a sudden I feel like A Real Novelist. It’s simple, understated, stark, and you can see my name on the cover from eighteen fucking miles away.

The black background will be gloss, the white letters will be matte, and the snake will be silver foil. People will rub themselves against the cover, grope and stroke it. Which, thinking about it, will ruin the sales. Ah well.

(Note also that if you go to the Amazon.com page for CLV, you can currently pre-order it and William Gibson’s SPOOK COUNTRY together for a bigger discount.)


The internet keeps telling me that an apparently rather good free magazine called ARTHUR has collapsed. The internet cannot, however, tell me why I have never ever seen one of these things during its reported four-year run, despite the occasional poke around for it in London. Was it an America-only thing?