Reflection Nebula

November 29th, 2006 | photography, researchmaterial

NGC 1999, a reflection nebula in the constellation Orion:

NGC 1999 shows a remarkable jet-black cloud near its center, located just to the right and lower right of the bright star. This dark cloud is an example of a “Bok globule,” named after the late University of Arizona astronomer Bart Bok. The globule is a cold cloud of gas, molecules and cosmic dust, which is so dense it blocks all of the light behind it. The globule is seen silhouetted against the reflection nebula illuminated by V380 Orionis. Astronomers believe that new stars may be forming inside Bok globules, through the contraction of the dust and molecular gas under their own gravity.

Matt Fraction Signing, Charlotte NC

November 28th, 2006 | comics talk, people I know

My friend, comics writer Matt Fraction (CASANOVA, FIVE FISTS OF SCIENCE, IRON FIST, PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL) is appearing at the comics specialty store Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find in Charlotte NC this coming Saturday.

Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find is located at 1957 E. 7th St, the corner of 7th and Pecan Avenue, and you can call them at 704 375 7462. This event coincides with the store’s Dec 2-3 grand annual sale.

Corpse Graffiti

November 28th, 2006 | researchmaterial

According to Clickable Culture, people are dropping “dead” avatars in online worlds like Warcrack:

I regularly spotted a corpse named Jeff Buckley floating face-down in a pool of water… Corpse graffiti, a form of emergence, is created by building a character with a clever name… and dropping dead in a contextually-appropriate location… The primary use seems to be humour, but some players have used corpse graffiti to criticize the game design of World of Warcraft.