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Month: March 2006

This, However, Is Not Okay

A little bit of scanning put up for free on the web every now and then, I’m okay with. It doesn’t hurt anybody. This, however, is not okay. And I’ve seen it a lot over the years, this is just today’s example emailed to me:

eBay: Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan Complete(!) Comic Set (item 6618096108 end time Apr-03-06 11:52:38 PDT) Current bid: GBP 3.70 (Approximately US $6.46)

Taking something that’s mine and getting people to give you money for it? I’m going to come looking for you. Other people might too. See, when you just decide that you have the right to sell my work for your own profit… when you decide, in fact, that you want me to receive fewer royalties for my work, therefore making it harder for me to do things like buy new shoes for my daughter… that’s something I’m going to take an interest in.