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Month: February 2006

[BAD SIGNAL]And Another Thing!

bad signal
shut up

I got my comp copies of FELL 4
this morning.  I'm guessing this
means it drops in stores either
this week or next.

Hopefully, this'll goose the sales on
the new printings of FELL 1 - 3.

And I wrote the backmatter for
FELL 5 last night.  Which mostly
talks about Will Eisner, the effect
of film and theatre on comics, and
the relationship between FELL and

Remember: if there is a trade
collection in English one day, then
it won't contain the backmatter.

Someone sent me a scan of a 
WIZARD magazine page the other
day, wherein Brian Michael Bendis
says that FELL is his favourite comics.

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probably in the pub


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