Pekko Kãppi/Maan Matoset

January 29th, 2006 | music

“Maan Matoset” is a compilation album, containing a selection of artists from the contemporary Finnish folk/drone/psych/tribal scene. It’s a terrific CD — this is the one I mentioned on my email list, that came with the hand-stapled outer sleeve and the inner sleeve wrapped around a long twig — and the piece that I’m currently replaying is by Pekko Kãppi. The piece is called “Sen Jalat Oli Multaset,” and there’s a weird kind of global otherness to it. It’s also a nice bridge point between Es and the Finnish stuff I’m going to play you next. If you like Sigur Ros, or, perhaps, the bowed soundtrack to CROUCHING TIGER that Tan Dun wrote, you might find something in this.

I got my copy from Volcanic Tongue in Scotland (link goes to page with “Maan Matoset” on it). I’ve used Volcanic Tongue, and recommend their service. In the USA, you can get it from Aquarius Records (link goes straight to “Maan Matoset” page), whom I’ve never ordered from.

The file’s good for seven days, unless I’m asked to take it down before then, and is presented for review purposes only.

“Sen Jalat Oli Multaset” – Pekko Kãppi


January 28th, 2006 | music

From the CD “Kaikkeuden kauneus ja käsittämättömyys” by Es, this is “Sadepäivät”. Not especially representative of my haul of Finnish CDs, but quite lovely, and worth sharing. Es stands for “Experimental Songcycles,” and is a solo project of Sami Sänpäkkilä. Here are some notes on the album.

You can buy it from Fonal Records in Finland, whose service I have used and greatly recommend to you — and they take PayPal and bank transfer as well as credit cards.

The file’s good for seven days, unless I’m asked to take it down before then, and is presented for review purposes only.

“Sadepäivät” – Es

Tomorrow, I think you might get a bit of Pekko Käppi.

Enemy Of The Planet Earth

January 28th, 2006 | comics talk

Overcompensating has been really fucking brilliant/disturbing all week. Go and look.

Common Sense

January 28th, 2006 | photography, Work

Photo by Clint Bohn;

30 Days of Sodom, Kansas

January 28th, 2006 | researchmaterial

The operator of a Wichita, Kansas group home for the mentally ill was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison for enslaving its residents, forcing them to work naked and perform sex acts, and his wife was sentenced to seven years.

Arlan Kaufman, 69, was convicted in November of 31 federal charges and Linda Kaufman of 30 counts, including health care fraud, Medicare fraud, forced labor and holding clients in involuntary servitude at their Kaufman House Residential Treatment Center.

The Kaufmans controlled the lives of their residents, including deciding who could wear clothes and forcing them to fondle each other and commit other acts that Arlan Kaufman videotaped.

Arlan Kaufman has insisted the residents’ behavior was voluntary, saying he videotaped them so they could see themselves more objectively later…