The Best Movie Pitch Session Ever

Oh my god, this is supernatural luck and fucking genius. Reported by Josh Friedman:

There’s only one pitch I’ve ever heard of that I wish I would have done.

My friends Scott Derrickson and Paul Boardman wrote The Exorcism of Emily Rose. For those of you who don’t know, the movie is based on a true case which occurred in Germany around 1970. While researching another project, Paul and Scott were given an audio tape by a NYC police detective who investigated the occult. When he gave it to them he said: “I don’t even know if I should give this to you. I truly believe playing this tape is dangerous.”


It was this tape that inspired them to write the movie. And it was this tape that helped them sell the project. Because what did they do? Well they did what you and I would hope we’d do if we were in their position. They’d take that scary-ass tape from studio to studio and play it for people.

The way I understood it went was like this: Scott and Paul would go into the room, do their pitch, and then pull out the tape recorder and some headphones. One of them would say: “There are those that believe just playing this tape invites darkness into our lives.” Then the curious exec would put on the headphones, thus drowning out all other EARTHLY AND NORMAL noise.

Then they’d press play.

Now from what I understand the tape is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST TERRIFYING THING YOU’VE EVER HEARD and consists of a girl DYING while screaming in German at two priests attempting to pull SIX DEMONS from her body.

Then Scott and Paul would leave.

Script Sales

Whenever I want to get really depressed, I go to Done Deal Script and Pitch Sales to find out how other people are getting rich:

Title: Untitled Maddock-Wilson Picture
Log Line: Centers on the Navy Marine Mammal Program and the animals being trained for military rescue operations.
Buyer: Walt Disney Pictures
More: This will be based on two pitches that were merged into “Navy SEALs” in February 2005. Patrick Aiello, Mark Ciardi, Jessie Nelson, Nina Laden and Mayhem Pictures’ Gordon Gray will produce. The film is set to be live action, but could be a CGI animation project.

(Interesting timing.)

Title: Boob Job
Log Line: A guy’s dreams come true when his wife gets a boob job, but his dream doesn’t turn out to be everything he hoped for.

Title: Live 2 Tell
Log Line: A black teen from the projects becomes a drug kingpin and then turns his life around.
Writer: Tupac Shakur

(The FUCK?)

Title: Twist
Log Line: A wimpy computer programmer switches bodies with a studly secret agent. The two become entangled in a complex web of espionage as they fight to survive and bring down their enemies.

Title: Parents on Strike
Log Line: Parents, who are fed up with their children’s behavior, decide to go on strike.

Title: Hall Pass
Log Line: A married couple find themselves going through the motions. The wife gives her husband a “hall pass,” which means permission to engage in extracurriculars. Complications ensue.

(Surely not!)

Title: Dope
Log Line: An undercover DEA agent intent on busting a rural Indiana pot growing ring, jeopardizes her mission by falling in love.