I Think They Still Represent Me For Books, Actually


Notoriously stuffy (No such thing as “Casual Friday”) Paradigm is having a dress down day. My guess is that they are just checking the assistants for track marks.

Rumors are circulating that this might be a good time to announce something to the whole company.

Probably that they just noticed they still represent me for books. Someone’s getting fired.

Superburst Mixtape 23

Songs made freely available for download on the internet by the artists, put into a single file and released as a podcast mixtape for two thousand five hundred of my closest friends.

Podcast address: http://warrenellis.libsyn.com/rss
iTunes address: http://warrenellis.libsyn.com/rss.xml

Direct download: here (8.5MB)

And you can stream it using the player in the right-hand menu bar here.

All previous mixtapes: here

Superburst Mixtape 23
classical grace and hillbilly fusion

“A Transgression Suite” – Subtract By Two

“Arcade Trip Bop And Roll” – Rubber Band Banjo