Red Paper

July 31st, 2005 | music

“Red Paper” is another jewel by Theory Anesthetic, who’s been on a bit of a run this summer. Ambient dreampop, loping and sparkling, dusty and drunk and smiling. Streaming-only, but, seriously, give it a listen.

You Are Fucking Kidding Me

July 31st, 2005 | people I know, researchmaterial

Melissa Gira:

Phrase I never thought I’d hear: “My husband doesn’t let me blog about…”

Planet 10 Discovered

July 30th, 2005 | researchmaterial

Astronomers have detected what they are calling the ’10th planet’ orbiting our Sun.

It is bigger than Pluto, the ninth planet, which is 2,250 km across, and was discovered by three US astronomers. It is the largest object found in our Solar System since the discovery of Neptune in 1846.

The object, designated 2003 UB313, is currently 97 Earth-Sun distances away – more than twice Pluto’s average distance from the Sun…

The Apparat Singles Collection

July 30th, 2005 | Work

November 2005.

Click for bigness:

I Think They Still Represent Me For Books, Actually

July 30th, 2005 | researchmaterial


Notoriously stuffy (No such thing as “Casual Friday”) Paradigm is having a dress down day. My guess is that they are just checking the assistants for track marks.

Rumors are circulating that this might be a good time to announce something to the whole company.

Probably that they just noticed they still represent me for books. Someone’s getting fired.