“BBC Cult” Site Closes

June 27th, 2005 | brainjuice

BBC – Cult Television – Cult closes 15 July:

Sadly, as part of the restructuring of the BBC’s online activities, this site is closing at the end of the month.

We’re trying to find alternative bbc.co.uk homes for some sites, but much of the content will be removed from the servers, and that which remains will not be maintained.

We’d like to thank all our users (700,000 of you last month!), and to everyone who expressed an opinion of us in the BBC’s Online Audience survey (we nearly came top – beaten only by those pesky News people).

Edison Hate Future

June 27th, 2005 | brainjuice

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Superburst Mixtape Streaming

June 26th, 2005 | music

Just noting that the Superburst Mixtapes can now also be heard through the Libsyn Player found in the right-hand menubar, three panes down.

Tracklistings for the Superburst Mixtapes can be found by clicking their related category in the left-hand menubar.

My website has a soundtrack now. Not that the zillion people reading this through RSS care…

Mperia 3.0

June 26th, 2005 | music

Mperia.com has new site design, bloggy bits, working up new networked profile pages, new car smell, three penises.

And music. Lots of music.