Apple iTunes, Podcast Arbiter Of Law And Decency

June 29th, 2005 | researchmaterial

Apple plans to police which podcasts make it into the directory of shows available via its iTunes program.

As expected, the new version of the music jukebox software includes the ability to download podcasts. By providing a directory of 3,000 shows, Apple says it is taking podcasting into the mainstream.

The software also allows people to send in their podcasts for inclusion on the list, but Apple will vet these due to editorial and copyright concerns.

…the submissions would go through an editorial process to make sure there were no copyright issues or that they did not include objectionable content…

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Flesh-Eating Aliens Fucked Up My Driving

June 28th, 2005 | researchmaterial

A California man facing life in prison for crashing his car into a UPS truck will not dispute that his actions resulted in the death of the driver when his trial opens Monday in Nevada County Superior Court.

Instead, Scott Krause’s defense will argue that the defendant believed he was trying to escape man-eating subterranean beings when he ran into Drew Reynolds’ truck on Jan. 6, 2004.

In three court-ordered evaluations, the defendant stated he was fleeing subterranean beings he called “hemadrones” when he carjacked a commercial vehicle near a Nevada City, Calif., gas station and then crashed into Reynolds’ service vehicle.

“Everything had to do with his escape from the hemadrones,” said Nevada County District Attorney Michael Ferguson. “According to the defendant, he was afraid they were going to put him in cargo and ship him to China to be eaten…”

Script Sales

June 28th, 2005 | brainjuice

Whenever I want to get really depressed, I go to Done Deal Script and Pitch Sales to find out how other people are getting rich:

Title: A Thousand Clowns
Log Line: An out-of-work TV writer, constantly fighting the system, must find a conventional job if he is to remain the guardian of his 12-year old nephew entrusted to his care.

Title: Max Payne
Log Line: A New York cop’s wife and baby are killed by thugs high on a designer drug called Valkyr. Devastated, the cop joins the Drug Enforcement Agency and goes undercover with the mob to find the source of the drug. Framed for the murder of his partner and hunted down by both the mob and the police, he is forced to wage a one-man war against crime.

Title: Big Man on Campus
Log Line: In a high school, beauty and brains duke it out and the perception of popular changes, which makes the power structure crumble.

Title: Absolute Angels
Log Line: A high school outsider is invited to join the cheerleading squad only to find out the girls are a pack of vampires.

Title: Valiant
Log Line: A 17-year-old runaway befriends a group of teens living in the New York subways and discovers that some of Gotham’s inhabitants are a magical species trying to exist in the modern world.

Title: Untitled Bisch Project
Log Line: Described as a cross between “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “The Pacifier” and centers on a male protagonist in his mid-20s to late-30s.

Title: Easier, Softer Way
Log Line: Two unlucky pot heads become involved in a scheme to rip off a mysterious character called Mr. Big after the duo sours on rehab.

Title: Randy and the Mob
Log Line: A good ol’ boy lands in hot water with some low-life mobsters, and then must seek help from his estranged, identical twin brother who is gay.


June 28th, 2005 | Work

If the image below works, then it’s a 380K animated-GIF capture from the GLOBAL FREQUENCY pilot that someone made and sent me:

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