The Last Socialist

May 31st, 2005 | researchmaterial

Brian Walden:

I recall an extraordinary character named Konni Zilliacus. He was always being expelled, or about to be expelled, from the Labour Party. For a time he was the MP for Gorton in Manchester and, though I didn’t share his views, I liked him. He’d met Lenin and was forever wedded to a Socialist Utopia. One evening tears trickled down his cheeks as he explained to me the beautiful vision that American capitalism had destroyed.

“Nobody should want possessions,” he said. “Whatever their faults, Lenin and Stalin never had any money. The Socialist dream was to produce a new man who loved society and was loved by society. Capitalism, in general, was no threat. It worked badly. But this Yankee capitalism has corrupted everybody. People want cars, clothes and gadgets. America has destroyed mankind’s future.”


May 30th, 2005 | mobilesignals


Absolutely pissing down with rain outside. I’ve moved into the pub for the
afternoon. Usually, I get out of town on this Bank Holiday Monday — the
Southend Air Show concludes today, and that means traffic horror and the
noise of shitty old planes trying not to drop in the river. But I knew the
shitty weather was coming, and, lo and behold, not a car on the street, and
no sign of a plane. Hell, even the crackheads at the phone box have gone

There’s a mentally handicapped woman in the corner trying to breathe
through her cigarette. It is horrible.

Five hours on my own. Time to think.

Ah, The Future

May 30th, 2005 | brainjuice

You’ve got to love writer/stripper friends working in wi-fi’d clubs who take their laptops in and pick up their end of conversations about futurity and subculture between acts.

Ordinary Sunday

May 30th, 2005 | mobilesignals

Ordinary Sunday

Sometimes I think I should have all of my public statements released by a
coven of official spokespersons.

Also, bodyguards. And some kind of international management cell or
virtual commune.

Perhaps a church? A Crusade.

Internet Freakbeat Vestry sounds so much better than ‘message board’.

And this can be my monastery.

I’m kind of hoping I pass out soon, yes.
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