I’m Off To Toronto

April 27th, 2005 | about warren ellis/contact

Out to Toronto in the morning. I’ll be on mobile email, which means no images, no links and no please-blog-this emails until I get home next Tuesday, please.

My sched for the trip:

An Evening With Warren Ellis: Thursday 28 April, The Hacienda, Toronto, all details in link.

Toronto Comicon: my schedule for the convention can be found here — note that I have a special column. As it were. (This is mostly because I’m having to limit my signing times, I’m pretty sure.)

If you’re looking for me on the convention floor, I’ll either be the tall horrible-looking bloke on a walking stick, or I won’t be there at all. Probably the latter, for I am limpy.

I’ll be checking in from Canada if anything interesting happens.

– W


April 26th, 2005 | Work

Featuring the Fantastic Four, although I doubt you’re going to get to see Jessica Alba sucking Reed Richards’ stretchy fleshy bits. In the other page, Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm have been caught making a still.

Art by Steve McNiven with Morry Hollowell: click for full-size.

Old Comics Zen

April 26th, 2005 | comics talk

Back Away From The Window

April 26th, 2005 | people I know

Matt Jones, one of Nokia’s Future Swami Cunning Men, is losing his shit at a scenario-planning workshop: