The Leg Nipple

December 31st, 2004 | researchmaterial

Scott was the victim of a mobile home fire at the age of 15 and was burned over 85% of his body. To re-grow skin on his legs they, “Used skin from his chest in a skin graft,” as Scott tells it. Hence when the skin grew, “A nipple grew too and I thought it was cool to pierce it,” explains Scott…”

Available Light

December 31st, 2004 | photography, Work

Of course you have money left over from Xmas. You want to buy a gift for yourself that you actually want, as opposed to the anal firming creme Auntie Bonobo gave you. Yes. You saw her licking her lips. AVAILABLE LIGHT is available from at an $7.50 discount (just scroll down a bit).

Reviews: 1, 2, 3

Blogging without Borders

December 31st, 2004 | researchmaterial

Bloggers Without Borders has launched, commencing with a Tsunami Outreach program. I’m acquainted with one or two of the people behind BwB, and you can trust a donation through them.

Because All Medical Shows Need More Shagging

December 30th, 2004 | comics talk

Rachel Smythe starts a new sequence in her gleefully fucked-up The Doctor Pepper Show:

Posting By Mail. Please Work.

December 30th, 2004 | mobilesignals

Another, hopefully final, test of the post-by-mail system, to see if I go=
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– W