Vine: Burst Culture Video

So I’ve been messing around with Vine occasionally over the last few months. I followed some very heavy users – all strangers –- to get a sense of how it was being played with. As a professional writer, this can leave one with the sense that one is the only person in the world who doesn’t leave the house. Or have friends. Or eat, apparently, because damn I looked at a lot of food and coffee. Shades of early Instagram.
I’d always liked the idea of social short video – remember 12seconds?  Vine is very much a refinement of that idea, with much better tools.  I have to give it to them: the app is very well done.

I don’t know if it’ll ever leave the app-testing folder in the back of my iPhone, but I think I’d like it to.  It has that essential Instagram-like appeal of making me smile whenever I open it.  Matt Sheret once called Instagram the Twitter you look forward to opening.  Also, John Hodgman’s Vine is frequently wonderful.

booklist 2013: ZERO HISTORY, William Gibson

This was a re-read, but it counts as booklist. Watching COSMOPOLIS again somehow sent me back to ZERO HISTORY, and I’ll probably re-read the entire trilogy that the book concludes.  Hubertus Bigend may, somehow, end up as William’s most enduring character, just because this simply drawn figure surrounds so much of 21C Western culture. 

Ben Hammersley and others would joke about “Bigend-Draperism,” summoning MAD MEN’s Don Draper.  I’ve been thinking this month about Bigend-Packerism, from COSMOPOLIS’ uber-banker Eric Packer. Bigend is fascinating for many reasons, not the least of which is that he’s a predatory neophile.  His cultural awareness must be total, as total as Packer’s financial vision, because he eats the new to live.

It all gives me furiously to think.

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