CLOSEDOWN: Anji Cheung & Beard Closet

And that’s it from me this week.  Back Monday.  Things are a hair less crazier here, so the site should be more active from Monday morning, and there are some things planned for the near future of the place.

As ever, if you’ve got something you think I should be featuring here, warrenellis at gmail dot com gets me in the end.  I’ve been way out of touch with things over the last few months, and have a lot to catch up on.

Anji Cheung made RITUAL, one of my favourite records of last year.  She and collaborator Beard Closet are playing me out with a piece from their new record together, STONEMAKER.  Subterranean and supernatural, devotional and doomed.  Which is how we like it, here at Ellis Caves.  Click through to get the whole thing for free.  Have a good weekend.

NIGHT MUSIC: Death Blues

I am a great admirer of Jon Mueller’s record THE WHOLE, so when I saw this link posted by Miasmah on Twitter, I was all over it.  An album that comes with a manifesto, in fact.  DEATH BLUES lives up to its name, and this will set you up good for some cursed, oppressive and cobalt-coloured dreams about running away from things you can’t escape.  Good times.  Click through to buy the download for five Yanqui dollars.