The Briefing: Los Angeles, 26 January, Farmhouse.LA

December 30th, 2013 | events

Details and tickets (starting at $20) at the event page, which is this link here.  Here’s the description:

In the intimate surroundings of The Farmhouse Barn, writer Warren Ellis sits down for a State Of The Weird, picking over the radioactive bones of 2013 and gathering the stories for a Briefing on the science-fiction condition of 2014. That night, he will be in the middle of writing a novella about futurists and a non-fiction book about the future of cities — except that they’re both also about strange history and Weird Shit — and he’s here to talk about deep time, storytelling and the weather of tomorrow.

It’s intended to be a small, conversational thing.  First Outside World thing of the year, a good time and place to take stock and look ahead.

EVENT: Me At Foyles Bookshop In London, 26 Feb 2013

January 18th, 2013 | events

From the event page at the Foyles site:

Twisted, gritty, spiked with mordant wit, Gun Machine is the latest bullet from the brain of Warren Ellis. It’s the kind of dark detective thriller you won’t have read before, but exactly what you’d expect from the award-winning creator of Transmetropolitan, Planetary and Red. Come and hear more from Ellis at Foyles in conversation with journalist and author Sam Leith.

Click through to buy tickets: a fiver, or three quid concession.  (I don’t charge or set prices, so don’t even think about complaining to me about it.)  Starts at 630pm.  By 730pm, the strain of having had to be coherent on stage for an hour will probably have killed me.  Come to see that!