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  • Path’s Dave Morin on Circa, Mailbox, and the Secret App He Invented to Talk to His Assistant | Vanity Fair
    “I have two iPhones, one for day and one for the night. When the day phone runs out, the night phone takes over. I never have to worry.” Bigend-Packerism. Some even more awful quotes therein. He should have been prevented from giving the interview.
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  • The Quietus | Features | Berberian At The Gate: Broadcast & The Death Knell Of Hauntology
    “…’hauntology”s champions end up pulping their subject matter to feed their theory. Like the similarly détourned ‘psychogeography’, it deadens the senses to the qualities (you’d hope) it was intended to reveal. Both are cases of theory slipping into ersatz theology – fated attempts to capture elusive, unspeakable experiences in yards of self-referential explication guaranteed to stamp out their pleasures. There’s nothing wrong with men in their forties enjoying shared tastes and nostalgic triggers, but do they have to be so po-faced about it?”
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  • IntiMate
    “IntiMate is here to make you PLAY MORE with sex tapes by creating a SAFE SPACE to store and share them: 1.  Shoot tapes and pictures DIRECTLY from our app 2.  The app stores & protects tapes for you 3.  Share & COMPETE with COMPLETE STRANGERS”  (good grief. this can only end well)
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  • Here & There back on sale! – Blog – BERG
    Schulze’s wonderful weird projection map poster of NYC is back on sale.
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  • Original Australians numbered 1,000-3,000, study finds
    “Australia was first settled by between 1,000 and 3,000 humans around 50,000 years ago, but the population crashed during the Ice Age before recovering to a peak of some 1.2 million people around five centuries ago, a study said on Wednesday.”
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April 23rd, 2013 | brainjuice

  • The latest Jonathan Keats emanation | Beyond The Beyond |
    "The dozen canvases at Team Titanic are all painted with pheromones instead of pigments. The pheromones are produced by the artist in his studio, collected from his pores while he watches the news on TV, and labeled for their emotional content based on how the news makes him feel. Suspended in linseed oil, they’re mixed on his palette to make a blend of feelings such as anxiety and elation. He then trowels these olfactory paints onto his canvases so thickly that they might take centuries to dry: an aromatic impasto from which the pheromones gradually disperse."
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  • the hauntological society;: The Films of Patrick Keiller
    "The visual material consists of static camera shots: images of urban decay and other socio-economic signifiers, road sign clutter, glowering skies – a landscape sharing some territory with the poetic realism of Humphrey Jennings and the Free Cinema film-makers, but framed and cut with a sharper, more avant-garde edge."
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  • Rhizome | Xul Solar’s Possible Futures
    "Only collective inventions have any real value, Xul Solar once told his close friend and fellow Porteño Jorge Luis Borges, trying to convince him (unsuccessfully) to write in Neo-Criollo, one of the two languages he had invented and the one he himself preferred to use for writing and conversation.  Such was the importance to Solar of friendship, sodalities esoteric and otherwise, and cooperation.  These days the artist, who died 50 years ago this month and whose close friendship with Borges is at the heart of an ongoing exhibition at the Americas Society in New York, is remembered less for his hermetic, often illegibly coded mystical watercolor paintings than for the collective séance that he made of his particular corner of Buenos Aires' cosmopolitan avant-garde of the 1920s and the decades that followed."
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  • Open the Future: Bots, Bacteria, and Carbon: My Talk at ENSIA
    Jamais Cascio: "The talk I gave earlier this month at the University of Minnesota is now viewable at the Ensia website, on YouTube, and embedded below. It runs about 36 minutes, and covers three different scenarios of a sustainable future."
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  • Albion Dreaming | Larkfall
    "Among the wide range of articles, I found the one on The Big Grey Man of Ben Macdhui most interesting, since it contains a number of notes and sources on how our environment may potentially incline people to experience the sensation of a ‘presence’ in their midst…"
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    FACT mix 379 – Grouper (Apr '13)
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