The State Of Social Media Management, Early 2013

I remain peculiarly fascinated by certain kinds of marketers.  And, as a writer who still lives and dies by social awareness, I’m always watching the changing seasons of social media.  (Even though I can feel the required energy for it ebbing away daily.)  This post by Guy Kawasaki caught my eye.  It’s a supercharged, super-expanded version of some of what I do/did, but he has nothing to sell but ads.  It is, presumably, just a way to keep a bucket of social capital topped up.  Which, one way or another, seems to turn into money.

On The Constant Moment: The Future Of Photography

“It is the creation of art through the curation of time.”

A great essay by Clayton Cubitt.

Curation, curation everywhere. And what of photographers? The curation of moments. Of perspectives. Of angles. This has always been so, although the technical limitations of primitive photographic technology falsely imposed a performance art aspect on the medium, a "dance" if you will. The notion that a large part of the creativity of the medium was the ability to recognize and capture moments in real-time was the central conceit of the Decisive Moment. But in fact, much of what Cartier-Bresson describes is not about the art, but mainly about the tools that he had access to…