KICKSTARTER: Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether

I missed this earlier, due to being out of the house and nobody emailing to tell me it was going live today.  I’m looking at you, Greg. 

LADY SABRE is a very entertaining webcomic by Greg Rucka & Rick Burchett.  Sky-sailing 19th Century spy-privateers from Cascadia?  Read a bunch of it for yourself, for free.  The team are Kickstarting the collection, digital and physical versions.  Please take a look at their Kickstarter campaign.  Greg’s a writer I have great admiration for.

Thrillbent And The Embeddable Comic

Thrillbent, the digital comics portal from Mark Waid and John Rogers, has come up with something interesting.  They’ve made all their comics serials embeddable via iframe.  Just click on the “Embed” link under each of their comics, and it pops up a small page with the code.  Resize the page, and the code will respond, so that the comic’s width becomes exactly what you require.  Below is the first episode of John Rogers & Todd Harris’ ARCANUM, at 640px.

Iframe won’t work in Tumblr, due to Tumblr’s failure to foresee the usefulness of such a thing, which is both a great shame and, I am given to understand, being worked on.  But it should work in most other places.

Whether this functionality is late or early depends on your views about blogs.  And, obviously, I’ve been barely present here for a few weeks, myself.  But it would seem to me, for a still-nascent operation like Thrillbent, that anything that may make it easier to get eyeballs on the work is a good thing.  And if this leads to at the very least some subviral form of syndication for people’s favourite Thrillbent comics, then all the better.

On FREAKANGELS, we had an “RSS Window", a piece of embed code that automagically loaded up the first panel of each week’s new comic with a link to the full episode, inside a Flash widget.  Thrillbent’s thing is much better.  I wish we’d had it then.