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  1. The book your above in that picture is nubs, a childrens story of a dog brought back from iraq. Hope the toddler doesn’t read Crooked too early in life. It might paralyze them.

  2. You know, I read it. Finally. It’s good. And I knew there would be some sort of sexual impact..fellow humans getting their twisted jollies in the sexual underbelly. (Godzilla really???)and yet, you *are* delivering an action packed love story.

    However, of the cornucopia of deviancy, its the simple phrase “dadpaste factory” that is f*cking with my head.

  3. Andy Stewart Andy Stewart

    Fantastic. Back when I had the misfortune to work at Waterstones I had it up in the Staff Recommends and a review card in it’s own section. The pleasure of writing the phrase “Godzilla bukkake” at work….

  4. Re: Andy Stewart’s comment – I got to put it up on our Staff Recommends at B. Dalton Booksellers when it first came out, but I never got to write “Godzilla bukkake” on a card… I just got to say it to unsuspecting mall-goers with their “Whazzat snake book up thar about?”

    Oh, Florida…

  5. Anthony Cunningham Anthony Cunningham

    So what did the review card say?

  6. Hey hey omniphobe, easy now-some of us Floridians dont use the words “whazzat” or “thar”. In fact, some of us know how to read, and are not just buying for pictures…and may even try out for Warren Ellis’ sex stalker position. Put that on your gozilla glove and smoke it.
    :-) hee.

  7. @rhonda roo – Oh, believe me, I have some small tucked away bit of faith in Florida, seeing as how I was trapped there for 15 years, and saw both the absolute worst there was to see, and the absolute best. Good luck on the sex stalker position. =D

  8. Alec Lamson Alec Lamson

    It’s on the “staff picks” section at our store in Corvallis, Oregon. When they asked me for recommendations, I had a hard choice between that or “Planetary: Vol 1.”

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