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Is anyone in North America having trouble finding my book DO ANYTHING? Someone on my message board noted that did have it available, but now say they’re out of stock and don’t know if they’ll be getting more. don’t have it, which surprised me, and TFAW don’t have any copies and say it’ll take them from 15 to 30 days to backorder a copy. And, of course, there are the usual stories of local comics stores not ordering it at all, but that obviously surprises me less.

(Obviously, the book is not in the UK and other territories yet thanks to the Icelandic Geo-Fart.)

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  1. Saw it in Midtown Comics in NYC last week; Barnes & Noble etc have it listed online for release tomorrow.

    They usually do the same with graphic novels, a week after the direct market. Hopefully it will start showing up this week in stores.

  2. Phil Phil

    I’ve had a couple of copies of Do Anything arrive at my shop today, thanks to Diamond sending out last weeks delayed stuff. So check out your local UK comic shop to bag a copy.

    Looks like all the titles for Free Comic Book Day will also be arriving in time for Saturday.

    T/A Too Fat Goblinz (website has gone awol so has to settle on a facebook site)

  3. Scott Scott

    Diamond was pretty good about getting our full order in, we got all seven copies in our shipment last Tuesday.

    Though for some reason the Freakangels trades have been on back order for weeks.

  4. Casey Casey

    This is the collection of the Jack Kirby head columns, yes?

  5. Joe Joe

    I could help some people get some American copies…

  6. My shop (in Richmond, VA) did not carry it. I asked for a copy and they said they’d try to order one, but weren’t sure they would be able to. I’d snap it up in a heartbeat if I saw it on amazon!

  7. My shop (in Richmond, VA) did not carry it. I asked for a copy and they said they’d try to order one, but weren’t sure they would be able to. I’d snap it up in a heartbeat if I saw it on amazon!

  8. mkhall mkhall

    I preordered my copy via Amazon and haven’t yet received it. The delivery estimate is May 4.

  9. Steevo Steevo

    Through Amazon:

    Delivery estimate: April 27, 2010 – May 4, 2010

  10. Pre-ordered it months ago from Westfield Comics. My copy arrived this past weekend.

  11. Canada’s national book chain, Chapters/Indigo (where I’ve never had a problem getting copies of the Freakangels hard-covers and new Transmetropolitan editions when they’re available) says the book doesn’t exist, not even to order:|Warren+Ellis&sf=BookName|Author

    On the other hand, says that it exists, but they don’t have any, but you can order it and they’ll ship you a copy when/if they get any:

  12. mickierat mickierat

    I just went on Amazon and it said it had not been released yet, the liars.

  13. Alan Alan

    I ordered it through Avatar and Comics Cavalcade processed my order. Hasn’t actually reached Canada yet.

  14. James James

    I preordered it from, but just discovered earlier today about the backorder. Of course, you can’t cancel preorders from there, so I am kind of fucked with that one. I don’t really have a local comic shop, living out here in the middle of nowhere, so I am pretty much stuck ordering online. Ended up finding it listed as in stock on Heavy Ink and ordered a second copy from there.

    Already know that Amazon doesn’t have it, but neither does Powell’s. The Book Depository lists it as releasing tomorrow.

  15. Nicholas Parmel Nicholas Parmel

    On the week of it’s release, I personally saw ‘Do Anything’ at three different Newbury Comics locations over here in New England.

  16. I attempted to order it through work (a retail Barnes and Noble store), but it was kicked back as ‘unable to fill your order’.

  17. Dan Kell Dan Kell

    It *IS* in UK shops – I got mine yesterday when Wizard got most of the delivery through that should have been last week.

    Looking forward to see how it hangs together as a whole.

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