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DNA Lounge: A Nest Of Perverts

People of California, discover where your tax dollars are going. Because a nightclub won an appeal against the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to get the terms of their hospitality license changed, the ABC are trying to obliterate said nightclub entirely (possibly also because gay people like to go there).

If any newspapers out there are looking for some fun stories to run. Just saying.

In the meantime, maybe you’d like to go down to the DNA Lounge in San Francisco this weekend. According to the ABC (who are spending your tax money on putting undercover agents into the place to watch for and time exposure of buttocks), they’re “running a disorderly house injurious to the public welfare and morals.”  That sounds good, right?

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  1. Matt Matt

    Thanks for the heads up. We Californians, feckless weirdos that we are, really need to fight back against this kind of shit. I’m still walking around ashamed that Prop 8 passed.

  2. I go to the DNA all the time, and I don’t see any exposed buttocks. I’m fairly certain I would enjoy myself a lot more if I did.

    Anyway, I think it’s less ‘gay dudes’ (some) and more ‘goth kids’ (most) that repulse the ABC. There are plenty of actual gay bars for the ABC to care about if they decided they wanted to. The DNA has had a long and lustrous history of thumbing its nose to The Alphabetic Man, and I’m sure said Man would like to shut them down for that reason.

  3. SonofSanFrancisco SonofSanFrancisco

    I’m from the City and know a bit of history. There are some politics with this. You can have whatever crazy gay dance party you want in the City but if you have the ever so coveted san francisco liqueur license and you screw up its over.

    The dance clubs and strip clubs go hand and hand. For the strip clubs, you can have full nude titty bars here with full contact but no liqueur drinks and have titty bars with non-full nude no contact but chicken wings and beer.

    With the dance clubs , you can’t pull what the DNA Lounge did. Charge different covers for men and women, patrons expose their dicks and butts what not. DNA Lounge and their promoters broke the unwritten social contract of having exposed butts and genitals near alcohol.

  4. We had a rule at our ohio venues, exposed body parts had to be covered, and that was pretty much it. Tape over nipples, all that nonsense.

    I know it is supposed to be for health code reasons, but the “body parts near alcohol” rule when it is not the bartender seems sort of silly; Even if someone wants to stir their own drink, or a friend’s with their swizzle stick it harms me none… as long as those glasses are disposable.

    … And as long as people aren’t squirting milk at people or their drinks, all is fine as well. I was always a bit aggravated that even we guys had to wear shirts or covers over our nipples.

    It isn’t like anyone is being forcefully dragged into these places, and if there are underage people there, they are already breaking the law.

    Now, I certainly wouldn’t want my hands or ass on any seat or surface that another’s bare ass has been on, and would take serious objection to nude persons grinding on me… if they weren’t pretty.

    On the other hand, people’s bathroom-floor boots end up on bars, seats, and counters – people’s unwashed hands touch most everything, pantieless girls (and guys) in skirts sit on most any seat in the house, bartenders handle money that has been gods know where… but that false sense of security is well-worth having, makes the night more enjoyable if you can quit thinking about it.

    That said, I do not think that they have public safety in mind with these rules. The ‘health codes’ justification only helps those who carry open drinks held low through thick crowds, and no one really cares about those people anyway… not even the morality police trying to shut these places down.

    In a free country – anyone should be able to put a sign on the door about what is allowed inside; Any who enter have made their choice and should be okay with those possibilities.

  5. Colin Colin

    I know nothing of San Francisco politics or their club scene, but in Philadelphia years ago, cases like this usually meant that someone’s palm had been insufficiently greased. Anyone done any inquiring into how the local ABC inspectors are appointed and/or supervised?

  6. jna jna

    @SonofSanFrancisco You miss the point.

    It’s not that it happened, it’s that the ABC is seeking the maximum allowable penalty and treating the DNA differently from other venues in a retaliatory manner.

    DNA didn’t “Pull this shit”. The promoter handled the door, not DNA staff, and the ABC was on a fishing expedition, looking for a reason to shut them down.

  7. JudasKincaid JudasKincaid

    California politics has been going in a bad direction for the past two years, and it just isn’t getting any better. The fact that an organization which was set up in 1955 with no real authority except to tax now has the authority to create the exposed-buttcheek-catching version of The Untouchables is beyond wasteful in terms of efficiency and resources. We can’t afford this level of stupid right now.
    No, we REALLY can’t afford it. We are in a state recession, while in a national recession, and if focus doesn’t shift to fixing the former instead of dealing with penny-ante conservatism that went out of style in ’88, we are in for a world of shit. This is officially the start of Bad Times for the Golden State.
    How so? Well, let’s see. The first item on the state chopping block is education. None of the rich schools of course, mostly the ones that were already struggling and had to spend more on metal detectors then buses. Next, you have the cut of over 100,000 state jobs to try and skimp, adding to the already sizable glut of lay-offs. No education, no jobs, what is missing….?
    Oh right! Complete and total mistrust of government law enforcement! Well, between BART cops shooting folks, the ever popular state of the LAPD, and this latest stunt by the ABC, we seem to have that pretty well covered.
    So to recap, no education, no jobs, mistrust of authority. This makes for the start of Bad Times, because these are the factors that are going to make for what I like to think of as the Voltron of crime-waves in California. Everywhere is going to be Oakland after the Raiders won a Superbowl if this keeps up, and from experience, that ain’t pretty. And if I hear people complaining about exposed body parts in a club at that point, I’m going to hit them with a nine-iron.

  8. Khash Khash

    Geez, don’t even get me started on Prop 8. Damn Mormons from Utah dumped millions of dollars in ads so that thing wouldn’t pass. It’s sick. I thought California was above this kind of stuff. That’s why I moved here in the first place.

    As for this nightclub business, the law in California is that you can have either full nude strip clubs OR a liquor license. Can’t have both.

    I’m more pissed that my tax dollars are going to play for that unemployed crazy lady who just shit out eight kids when she already had six others.

  9. Isis Isis

    Re: Myke
    I’m not sure what venues in Ohio you speak of. Back in the day I used to go to plenty of fetish nights at Trilogy and other clubs where alcohol was served and all kinds of body parts where bared.

  10. @Isis

    Vertigo was really easy going about everything. My common club gear was nothing but mesh or fishnet material, and I was typically shirtless in skirts… high places, high kicks. A bit of an exhibitionist those days. Only complaint I ever received was from a guy who had wandered under the stage.

    1470s was very very anything goes, as was Foundry or Fusion – Outland as well, though I only went there for shows.

    Warehouse used to make us tape our nipples, guys and girls alike… for Ohio Health code reasons, which I thought was funny – wasn’t like I was capable of shooting anything out of them.

    I believe Ohio actually managed to pass a bill that banned pretty much everything down to being naked in your own home, but no one ever enforced it. They were mainly trying to find a way to stop the pagan gatherings and festivals in the Yellow Springs area… that whole skyclad thing. It really didn’t effect the bars much outside of the health inspector worries.

  11. I hear the kitchen staff are fuckin’ stone cold foxes, all of them. That’s more than enough reason to head over for a night.

    In all seriousness though, this is epic bullshit, and I’ve seen it happen before in Seattle. Liquor boards are petty tyrants and thieves.

  12. nood nood

    the problem isn’t what was going on, the problem is that they had just converted to an all-ages liquor license. kids under the age of 18 years were legally allowed to attend these parties, and mixing nudity with minors with booze is a triple-no-no-no. if they had kept the 21+ license they would have never had a problem. but with the all-ages liquor license they were necessarily held to a much higher standard.

  13. nood: Actually, the Cream and Escandalo events (which the ABC sent undercover agents to and filed accusations for) were both age 21+ events. They were not all-ages.

    Please, in the future, do your research so you don’t waste everyone’s time by spreading disinformation.

  14. Dan Dan

    This sounds like harassment to me. Since when has flashing buttock been considered nudity. Why would dirty dancing be illegal. And charging a different price for men and women sounds like every ladies night I have ever heard of.

  15. Sowhat Sowhat

    MattandKhash – What the hell does Prop 8 have to do with anything? Quit bashing the Mormons; I’m an athiest and voted for it. It has nothing to do with being against naked butts at a nightclub…sheesh. Totally separate issues, and a straw man argument.

    I mean, hey, cute butts ARE kinda nice to look at.

    The hygiene theory is nice and all, but I’m guessing it has more to do with the idea that alcohol and genitals MIGHT = unsafe sex/sex in public places. I have to agree with Myke — there are a heck of a lot dirtier things you can come in contact with in a nightclub. If you’ve touched a bar or post or doorknob that hundreds of other unwashed hands have touched, that’s probably a helluva lot worse than someone’s naked rear up on a stage. (Doesn’t alcohol kill germs, anyway?)

    Anyway, I’ve been to DNA, and can guarantee that whatever goes on in that club is downright clean compared to some clubs and bars in the City — waiting to see if ABC starts a crackdown on other places, too, and if DNA is just the start. :-p Bleh.

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