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  1. Greg Greg

    In the barbaric post-holocaust future, brave warriors will mount copies of the first edition on their shields to strike fear into their enemies

  2. Like I said in email, I think people just didn’t know it wasn’t available in UK shops till now. Time to start that religion/gather your army

  3. first post reminded me that it was available to pre-order; so I did. Must be a lot of us. That coupled with the EW nod are certainly factors…

  4. dispodip dispodip

    is it a coincidence your ranking’s steadily climbing just after EW released their top 100 list? people actually follow those things, looks like.

  5. What’s funniest is the tags people’ve given it. “Internet jesus”, “love swami”, “fantastika” and “warren ellis is my jesus”. Heh… y’know Ellis, casual readers are going to think you’re some kind of weird cult leader.

    What’s that? OH, of course I know you are, but maybe that’s not the image you wanna present to an adoring public.

  6. Numbers sound right to me, but then I’ve had my copy pre-ordered for months now.


  7. internet jesus’ crooked little vein…

    Warren Ellis has a new book coming out, called Crooked Little Vein. Publisher’s Weekly calls it a snappily paced homage to William Burroughs’s Naked Lunch. If that doesn’t get your inner Mugwump ready for a trip to Interzone, he posted…

  8. pmasso pmasso

    Oh my god, your plan to conquer the world is en route !!
    And I just helped you by pre-ordering a copy… I’m Doomed… We’re all doomed… And since I live in Montreal, I will be doomed by july 10th !! It feels so good !!

  9. “I bet we could all come together into a giant Voltron of readers that would make Cheetara and the Baroness totally hot for us.”

    I’m game if everyone else is.

  10. Here in North Carolina I tried in vain to find a copy in a brick and mortar store when my pre-ordered copy from Amazon did not arrive today as promised.

    Called six stores and nothing.

    But two of them, the Barnes and Noble and the Borders, said: “This is the Warren Ellis book, right? Yes, we’ve had a lot of people calling about it for the last two days. I’m afraid we don’t have any copies yet…”

  11. Alexa Dickman Alexa Dickman

    Joe, that could be because the street date is JULY 24th. I know we all wish it was today, but alas.

  12. wil wil

    225 at the moment. If I have to start making idle threats to move this into the double digits, I’ll do it.

    Don’t you fucking think I won’t, because I totally will.

  13. Greg Greg

    218 as of 12:45am EST

    Someone needs to start a betting pool to call what the ranking is on the day of release.

    Someone put me down for a fiver on 117. Call it a hunch.

  14. Rob H Rob H

    “is it a coincidence your ranking’s steadily climbing just after EW released their top 100 list?”

    At this moment, William Gibson’s Spook Country is still sitting up at about 790, after moving up a few hundred spots the past few days. Just a few weeks ago, CLV was sitting at a few hundred ranks behind SC. I’d say the EW bit right behind Harry Potter would be a strong influence on CLV’s sudden surge.

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