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13. Earthlights

Paul Devereux associates the Persinger tests with geotectonic stress that throw off EM, in an attempt to explain the Earthlights phenomena as well as the reason why some UFO activity seems entirely location-bound. At stresspoints like the San Andreas Fault, so much EM is being thrown off that our magnetically freaked-out brains are seeing things. Being haunted by lights from space.

It was through the writing and public speaking of Paul Devereux that I learned, first, of archaeo-acoustics, and of spirit tracks.

Archaeo-acoustics I’ve spoken and written of before: the process of flooding an ancient site with pink noise, identifying the resonant points and therefore determining how the site was used acoustically. Natural spaces can have weird acoustic properties: I’m always reminded of the great black cliff at Thingvellir, the ancient Icelandic parliament field, held there in part because, I was told by a local historian, the rippling rock was a natural vocal amplifier. Devereux spoke of finding an ancient cave site in India where natural stone formations resonated with the seven basic tones of Indian classical music.

Ah, but spirit tracks…

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