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Rich Johnson, on the current commercial comics landscape: “We’re firmly back in the Nineties, aren’t we?”

I swear, nothing else could make me want more to just say fuckit and do nothing in comics but digitally-distributed work.  With the novel and the other stuff, I’ve already massively reduced my comics output.  But “the Nineties are back”?  Just makes me want to take myself out of the equation entirely.  I already had to fight the Nineties once.

Broke the two humps that had set into the second 5000 words of the novel and am moving again.  Have filed the scripts for four of my six issues of SECRET AVENGERS for Marvel.  Contracts for Odd Digital Thing have arrived.  Draft Zero of Film Treatment Thing has passed muster, and I’m driving it to Draft One, although, as with all of my treatments and outlines, it won’t be any good until Draft Two.

And you may have noticed that I’m not posting here much either.  I’m pretty much down in the mines for the next several months.  Which is where I am now returning, grumbling about fucking Nineties comics and the lack of idiots geniuses queueing up to pay me for digital comics.

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