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If anybody does say they have all the answers, they’re either full of shit, delusional or Warren Ellis.

— comics writer Jason Aaron

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  1. Juan Carlos Romero Juan Carlos Romero

    I loved that line and I loved that column! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. You should licence that from Jason for the next t-shirt of the fortnight.

  3. Electrophonic!!! I would buy that one. MB you should check the hype for one of your slogans before you put it on electrophonic. Try before you buy.. grosses of shirts that sit chilling. Mention print-on-demand t-shirts! Someone will have a machine running in no time heheh.

    Yeah, I’ll make my own and send you a pic.

  4. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    I think it might be time to put an end to commenting on this site.

  5. How about all three?

    Oh, I keed. :)

  6. David H David H

    You know I am a fan of Jason Aaron and his writing skills, but how could he allow such a redundant sentence into his work?

    Okay, now you can put an end to commenting on this site.

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