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  1. I know what you mean.

    I read this blog post — — last month, and it made me realize something I’d been slowly coming to suspect — the fact that I missed blogging. This reason really resonated with me:

    “I should have been posting [on his blog] all along. Had I been doing so I’d have something to show for it. A record of my life for the last few years at the very least. But I ignored my blog and ran off with the sexy, shiny microblogs.”

    Since then, I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to record some of my daily going-ons. I’m still doing some of the microblogging, because I still enjoy it, but mix in more of the journal-style posts I used to do for the first six years I blogged.

  2. If anyone is looking for evidence about the status of blogging, either way, I should note that after initially dismissing the entire concept, then gradually growing accustomed to it as it became ubiquitous, then dabbling in it, I finally began writing my own, dedicated, regularly-updated blog about nine months ago.

    I suspect that this was probably definitive evidence that the action had gone, or was just about to go, elsewhere.

    I will try to get word around to people if I ever begin using Twitter or Facebook, e.g., so that there can be a bit of warning next time I inadvertently mark the doom of an internet media. :-)

  3. Tek Tek

    I still blog, however sporadically due to how busy my life gets, off and on…

    I wish more people still did.

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