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  1. steve steve


  2. First thought: “bottom photo: OH GOOD GOD WHY AAAAA?!!”

    Second thought: these would go well with those zombie dildos shown here earlier.

    Someday I’m going to get in sooo much trouble for surfing this site at work. Oh well, it’s been worth it so far…

  3. NakedRedApe NakedRedApe

    This is just sad. Not the vaginafeet, the fact that I came to this site with the express intent of notifying Mr. Ellis after seeing it elsewhere.

    My god, man. What have you done to me?

  4. Jim Jim

    It’s got to be said:

    “Come on, Warren. Stop pussyfooting around!”

  5. In my defence, word failed me, and still do…

  6. Is my memory fogging, or is this not from Charles Burns’s Black Hole…?

  7. Gregg V Gregg V

    I looked at this and thought, “Wait…hasn’t Warren posted this before?” It looked so familiar.

    Now I think it was probably KittyDoom on LJ like 5 years ago. So I’m glad that’s been sloshing around in my brain. Probably could have fit another memory of my dead grandparents in there but nooooo…it’s vagina foot.

  8. Strange Kisses just got one step nearer


  9. Botchrush Botchrush

    Fuck that.

  10. eris esoteric eris esoteric

    I’m a little disturbed at the notion that I found out about Scary Sextoy Friday before Warren Ellis did.

    No, I’m A LOT disturbed about this. Now I’m off to go disturb other people with this news.

  11. I would like to have a long discussion with the creator and people that use them…just to ask, why?

  12. Yes Cyrus. It’s in Black Hole.

  13. Eric Eric

    Why do you need two? Do you make the other watch?

  14. I can’t decide whether this is more disturbing than the vag-foot in Black Hole or not.

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