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  1. Yaphet Kotto would have been amazing to be certain, but the thing I can’t stop flipping out over is WESLEY SNIPES AS GEORDI LAFORGE. Internet, I want a whole alternate series with fanfics and art right NOW. Much respect to LeVar Burton, but if Geordi could have jump kicked intruders into the warp core I would have never missed an episode of TNG.

  2. It’s tough to imagine TNG different from what it was, since so much science fiction (especially on TV) seems like an angry reaction to that show. But I can’t help laughing at Ben Murphy–butt monkey of numerous Mystery Science Theater episodes–as Riker. Maybe with Joe Don Baker as Captain Picard.

  3. No. That can’t be a Star Trek uniform. It has a pocket.

  4. Kevin Hall as Data!? A 7′ tall Data!? The Predator as DATA!?

    And on the subject, it always seemed kind of strange to call an AI “Data”. It’d be like me calling my friend “Protein” or “Sensory Neurons”.

  5. Canadian Ev Canadian Ev

    “It’s tough to imagine TNG different from what it was, since so much science fiction (especially on TV) seems like an angry reaction to that show.”

    Wow. What an interesting comment. Kyle Marquis, could you elaborate? Because that just made me really curious about what you see in TV sci-fi…

    Also, I love seeing things like this, just because it opens up the strangeness that must go in casting calls. Denise Crosby was apparently their only Troi, and ended up playing an entirely different character. I would love to see the casting tapes of Kotto and Stewart. Betcha their takes on Picard were totally different. Also, having a 7′ black guy as Data would have undoubtedly changed that character a lot. (And now I find myself unable to think of a single other show/movie with a black robot/android/thingamajigger in it… does that mean sci-fi as a genre believes that roboticists are inherently racist?)

  6. Wesley Snipes as Geordi? That would explain his disposition. Geordi always seemed like his patience was wearing thin.

  7. Roy Thinnes! “See? I told you there were aliens!”

  8. Sean Sean

    I think Bauchau would have been a great Picard. Not perfect, like Stewart, but really good.

    And Reggie Jackson as Giordi? Really?

  9. Big ups for Mr. Big!

  10. Jim Jim

    And Jenny Agutter as Bev? Blimey.

  11. allium allium

    @Canadian Ev

    The otherwise forgettable 1996 action movie Solo, with Mario Van Peebles as Johnny Five meets Rambo.

    Cyborg in the Teen Titans cartoon.

    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had a human-friendly (and by friendly I mean “surly, but will not try to punch in your meatbag skull unless you make him”) black T-800 in a couple of episodes.

  12. mhoye mhoye

    Maybe they could have reused his old outfit from The Running Man.

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