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†‡† (Cross Doublecross Cross?)

†‡†, as mentioned in the Witch House music post below, appear to live at this MySpace page — because †‡† is of course unsearchable and generally not terribly handy for this internet lark, they use the ID "rrritualzzz" on MySpace.

It occurred to me last night that having a name that Google can’t process well might actually be entirely deliberate. On the internet, there is no real underground anymore. So if you wanted to create an underground for yourself, the first thing you might do is generate a sort of lexical darknet by using keyterms search engines can’t parse.

Which is actually pretty clever.

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  1. I really like the idea of a large number of people never knowing how to say their name but still knowing of the band’s existence.

    As far as symbols go, I think that is only okay.

  2. frrenchbloke frrenchbloke

    there are bands in the same ‘genre’ called ///???\\\ , twYIYghtZoNe, oOoOO, ??????? , P?ST PRES?NT, rupPert…

    the be bop kids blog has a few things on some of the bands mentioned as does the we fucking love music blog.

    it looks like the band mater suspiria vision released a limited edition vhs & betamax video. I like them already just for that.

  3. MD MD

    Reminds me of !!!, who don’t have an official pronunciation but most people call (and Google as) chk-chk-chk. The Internet always finds a way.

  4. frrenchbloke frrenchbloke

    erse, the little squares and triangles that made up some of the band names have been rendered as question marks. such is their power, you can’t even tell folk what they’re called !

  5. frrenchbloke frrenchbloke

    according the the fokkawolf blog ( there is a ‘witch house’ group that may or may not let you join and download lots of things –
    “With all of these Witch House bands if you can be allowed to join the Last.Fm “WITCH HOUSE” group then you can get access to their share thread of loads of free downloads. Thing is you probably wont be allowed to join ‘cos the creators are like that!”

  6. Mater Suspiria Vision is addictive, all I know for sure is I need more..much more.

  7. “The The” was like that for a while in Google, but they special-case fixed it.

    I know that () from Sigur Ros is unsearchable on my computers at work. So is Dave Egger’s What Is The What, since all the words in that title are ignored by the computer for ease of searching.

  8. Sounds cool but what would you call it? I can only think of the undernet or the wub, neither of which feel particularly satisfactory.

  9. Or lexical darknet.

  10. icelandbob icelandbob

    Master suspira vision is really good and the videos are also very…. unsettling.

    I also recommend “Megafauna” by Yoga for some horror-based Hauntology. Also Trans Upper Egypt.

    I also recommend the site as they see to have all of this stuff and more…

  11. Peyton Manning Peyton Manning

    Does this explain WTF Prince was doing in the 90s?

  12. reminds me of the terrible trouble I had downloading a copy of this song called “The People” by a band call “The Music”, from an album called “The Music”.

  13. frrenchbloke frrenchbloke

    further listening to a pile of things suggests a halfway-house for bunker’s Robot Dystopia series of releases, The Caretaker, Whitehouse, Mordant Music, Ghost Box, Portion Control and others.

    And they really love their 808.

  14. Manx Manx

    Interesting to think of this in connection with the trend for musicians of wearing masks these days, either permanently or intermittently.

    From the top of my head:
    Lady GaGa
    Animal Collective
    Bloody Beetroots

    Then you have artists simply trying to stay off the radar like Burial.

    But this isn’t a new thing of course. There’s MF Doom, Slipknot, Daft Punk…
    But it definitely seems like a trend that started in the mid-to-late nineties.
    There’s an article in there for the person who feels like analysing it.

  15. Ush Ush

    There’s a list of bands with difficult to search for names at Some of my favorites are “.22”, “403 Forbidden” and “MP4” (formerly “MP3”).

    The list of every musical genre ever (and some that don’t exist) may also be of interest:

  16. […] are being billed as the vanguard of the new underground everywhere from the Guardian to the blogosphere.  Perhaps they forgot that if you search a phrase using inverted commas you can find any […]

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